Are you a high achiever who is unsure of what you want next in your life or career?

I can help you find what truly makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning… and empower you to go after it with confidence and clarity.

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What people say about working with me

“I am so glad that I have had this experience with Chris, it has been enlightening. I feel much more in control of my future. I can now see how much more balanced, resilient and proactive I am”

Emily Cheshire

“Working with Chris has been wonderful and career changing. He has helped me identify different perspectives and develop further confidence in myself and my abilities.”

Diana Bradley

“Chris was super helpful in figuring out where my opportunities are and how I might achieve them. The conversations we had always felt easy and never short of actionable next steps.”

Denise Schmidt

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How I can work with you

1:1 coaching

Over the course of an initial 3 month period (meeting fortnightly) we will deep dive into your career & life; audit where you are right now, discover what you truly want and work out how you can take control and go after it.


I mentor people 1:1 or in groups on the subjects of career, product management (getting into it as well as succeeding within it) and personal development. Sessions can be a one off or regular engagement.

Public speaking

I speak on the subjects of personal development, mental health and finding your purpose in life and at work. If you are planning an event, conference or panel, get in touch and let’s discuss opportunities.

About me

I envision a world where everyone has the confidence and power to do work that is meaningful to them, every day of their lives. I can help you design the life and career that will make you feel fulfilled, successful and in control.