Welcome to my corner of the internet, showcasing my portfolio, experience and opinions.

I’m a Senior Product Owner focused on creating the best customer experiences in the smartest and most innovative ways.

I have over 5 years experience working in agile & lean development (Scrum & Kanban), leading cross-functional teams of 10+ members and working on digital products across all devices.

I’m primarily interested in B2C, with a passion for Travel products, applications of machine learning and Ecommerce.

I would class myself as a problem solver; whether that’s working out how to increase page and search conversion, boost customer engagement and retention, uncover new revenue opportunities in Product, reduce abandoned carts or increase up-selling and cross-selling.

Read more about my experience here and check out individual projects I’ve worked on within my Portfolio.

Want to get in contact? Let’s talk! Email me at chris@chrishannay.co.uk.