Here you will find a collection of products and marketing projects I have worked on related to Ecommerce, Affiliate Marketing & Loyalty.

These have primarily been taken from my time as Product Director at Next Jump, where our Ecommerce platform saw up to 400,000 weekly visitors and up to 50,000 buyers.


  • Homepage – building a page that balances commercial objectives with customer centricity (and optimising conversion in the process)
  • Customer Segmentation Strategy – using demographic data to identify the most optimal customer segments and building the Ecommerce experience (on-site and email) around them

Affiliate Marketing

  • Black Friday Homepage Ranking – using demographic, clickstream and transactional data to personalise the user experience (on the biggest online shopping day of the year!)
  • Most Popular Products – combining first and third party data to increase buyer conversion


  • New vs. Existing – using loyalty currency to create different value propositions for different types of users
  • From 1 Transaction to Loyal – using a data-driven approach to encourage first time buyers to become loyal customers

Many of the projects on the Customer Segmentation & Email Automation page of my portfolio also cover my Ecommerce experience.

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