Here you will find a collection of products and marketing projects I have worked on related to Travel Ecommerce.

These have primarily been taken from my time as Product Director at Next Jump, where our Travel Booking Engine saw up to 20,000 users searching a week and 3,000 bookings.

Hotel Search

  • Ranking algorithm – personalising the search experience and growing conversion from 6% to 10%
  • Rebook widget – enhancing the booking experience based off the behaviours of our most loyal customers
  • Abandoned search email – helping customers find the most suitable hotel whilst away from our core platform

Customer Segmentation

  • Identifying personas – using cohort analysis to identify the biggest opportunities within our customer database
  • Demographic segmentation – identifying the most optimal demographic data to segment and tailor the email and on-site experience for new users
  • Personalising offers – using loyalty currency to change the value proposition of different hotels for different customers

Email Marketing

  • Destination recommendation – using collaborative filtering to recommend similar locations
  • Airport Parking & other travel up-sells – using booking data to trigger more relevant up-sell campaigns
  • Customer Feedback – using email and clickstream data to collect quantitative and qualitative feedback

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